Bojangles restaurants register 4,000 voters

Bojangles restaurants register 4000 voters - Billy Webster

More than 4,000 people have registered to vote at 21 Bojangles restaurants throughout the state in the past three weeks under a program initiated to boost voter participation.

The number of new registrants is surprising says Bojangles president Billy Webster IV, who is also chairman of the Greenville County Democratic Party.

Webster said in the next three weeks Bojangles hopes to register more than 15,000 new voters, which would far exceed previous expectations.

“I’d encourage all businesses to become involved in helping to register people to vote,” said Webster, who described the bi-partisan Bojangles project backed by Democrats and Republicans as “a community service well worth the time and effort.”

Webster said restaurant workers simply ask customers if they would like to register to vote and never inquire whether a person is a Republican or Democrat.

The main reason some customers turn them down is that registering to vote means having to serve on a jury, Webster said, suggesting that the state consider a source for juries other than voter lists.

Bojangles restaurants register 4000 voters - Billy Webster