Call Billy…

Need help in Washington? You aren’t an F.O.B. (Friend of Bill’s) and just can’t get through?

What’s a guy to do?

Call Billy.

That’s Billy, as in William W. Webster IV, chief of staff to Education Secretary Dick Riley. And a certified F.O.B.

Washington Post Magazine profiled Webster as one of 14 well-connected figures – one in each federal department – in a lengthy article entitled, “Who You Gonna’ Call?”

Some are making their first foray into federal service, but all share a common background in having worked in some facet of Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign.

Webster’s ties to Clinton date back a number of years to once obscure and now famous Hilton Head Renaissance Weekends.

Webster went to become Clinton’s state finance chairman, then joined Riley in the new administration.

He’s even been seen in the early morning hours jogging with the presidential entourage on the just-awakening streets along the Mall.

The article said of Webster, 35:

“In a town where clout can be a function of whom you know and how well you know them, Billy Webster has it.”