Dems blas Republicans’ ‘negative campaigning’

Greenville County Democrats held a news conference Wednesday to denounce what they termed negative campaigning by the Republicans and to rally party members for a get-out-the-vote effort.

Surrounded by Democrats carrying Dukakis/Bentsen sign, county party chairman Billy Webster said Democrats have “taken the high road” in the 1988 campaign, while the Republicans have confused voters with a distorting, negative campaign.

“No matter how you stand it on its head, the truth remains the truth, and the truth is the Democratic candidates have earned the votes in Greenville County,” he said.

On the eve, of Sen. Dan Quayle’s visit to the Upstate, Democratic officials welcomed the Republican vice presidential nominee’s visit as a boost for their local candidates.

Webster said the Quayle visit will be “nothing but negative” for Knox White, the GOP challenger to incumbent Democratic Rep. Liz Patterson in the 4th Congressional District.

“How can it help him? Who’s going to vote for Knox because of Dan Quayle?,” he asked.

Turnout is predicted to be very light this year, Webster said, making get-out-the-vote efforts particularly important. The party will be continuing its “comprehensive” campaign to encourage voters, he said.

Part of that effort will be a rally at the Springfield Baptist Church on Sunday at 7 p.m, and appearances by former Gov. Dick Riley and Lt. Gov. Nick Theodore.