Patronage: Appointments handed down by president

B. Freeman.

Mr. Thurmond has been successful at landing South Carolinians in many places, Mr. Hollings acknowledged.

Recently, “Strom came over to me and said, ‘Now, you’ve got to look out for our people,’ so I got an indication that nationally we must be winning,” Mr. Hollings said. “He’s got a lot of them, nobody can improve on his record. In any and every federal department, there’s South Carolinians all over.”

Other potential members of a Clinton administration include Greenville fast food executive Billy Webster, the state campaign’s finance director, and Hilton Head’s Phil Lader, runner-up in 1986 for the gubernatorial nomination. “If Phil Lader had been in this country (instead of temporarily running a university in Australia) he’d have probably played as major a role as Riley did,” a Clinton campaign source told the News.

Mr. Clinton attended an informal annual policy conference in Hilton Head in which Webster and Lader were deeply involved. He also visits the Lader family every New Year’s Eve.

Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr. is also close to Mr. Clinton but is expected to pursue the governor’s race in 1994 instead of a Washington appointment.

One of the Clinton campaign’s national deputy directors, Doug Heyl of Aiken, could get a key appointment.