S.C. company makes forms available for customers

SC company makes forms available for customers - William Webster

Bojangle’s Restaurants has launched South Carolina’s first major corporate campaign to increase registration and voting. In cooperation with the Palmetto Project, Bojangle’s is sponsoring voter registration drives at each of its 22 restaurants throughout South Carolina.

The registration campaign began August 8 with a press conference at a Bojangle’s restaurant in Columbia with the enthusiastic, bi-partisan support of both South Carolina Republican state chairman Van Hipp and South Carolina Democratic state chairman Frank Holleman.

“Bojangle’s is a South Carolina company, and we feel strongly that it is important for business to be actively involved in the community and civic affairs of our state,” said William Webster, president of Bojangle’s Restaurants. “We hope that other businesses around the state will see what can be done and then sponsor their own voter registrations drives. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s good for our state.”

In 1986 South Carolina changed its voter registration laws so that any registered voter can register others to vote. Under the new law every registered voter can obtain voter registration forms and register others any place and any time in his home county. Businesses can register their employees and customers; civic groups can register their members; children can register their parents; neighbors can register neighbors; anyone can register anyone else to vote.

“We have a real problem with low levels of registration and voting in South Carolina. Currently South Carolina ranks 50th in both registration and voting. We are the lowest in the nation – dead last,” said Phil Noble, director of Palmetto Project. “But we can do better. We can get South Carolina off the bottom if we all do our part by encouraging others to register and vote. South Carolinians really care about our state and our future. Registering and voting is one important way that we can all show that we care.”

Once customers enter the restaurants they will be greeted by counter people with bright, colorful buttons urging them to “Register to Vote.” Voter registration forms will be available at all restaurants, and Bojangle’s employees will assist customers in properly completing the forms. Also, extra forms will be available so customers can take forms with them and encourage others to register.

The Palmetto Project is an independent volunteer group dedicated to making South Carolina the best it can be. The Palmetto Project promotes creative and innovative ideas and programs to help local community problems. By bringing together good ideas that have proven effective with committed business and community leaders, the Palmetto Project serves as a catalyst to improve South Carolina communities and build local pride.

SC company makes forms available for customers - William Webster
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