Webster won’t seek re-election to county Democratic chairmanship

The chairman of the Greenville County Democratic Party has decided not to seek re-election at the party’s Monday convention after serving in the position two years.

Billy Webster IV, president of Carabo Inc., said he decided not to run again because the job requires much more time than he can devote to it. He said his business requires many out-of-town trips.

“Being party chairman also demands a lot of time if it is done properly,” Webster said, “and there just isn’t enough time in a day for me to devote to the party and my business.”

Webster said he is confident county Democrats are well prepared for the June primaries and next fall’s general elections.

State Democratic Chairman Frank Holleman described Webster’s term as chairman as excellent and said Webster’s leadership helped Democrats organize and win an important special election on County Council in District 19 last year.

Webster was chairman when Democratic County Councilman Jim Patterson handily beat Republican Tom Boone to fill a vacancy on council created by the resignation of Republican Skip Goldsmith.

Holleman said a replacement for Webster will be chosen at the party’s county convention Monday at 6 p.m. at the Shrine Club on Beverly Road.

Pat Duncan, who has worked in numerous local, state and national campaigns for Democrats, said she plans to seek the chairmanship.

Holleman said Webster will remain involved in Democratic politics and help with numerous party functions, such as fundraisers and voter registration drives.

Webster said he will remain involved in Democratic politics and help elect Democrats to local, state and national offices.

Webster said he is confident Democrats will increase their publicly elected numbers next November.